Give a High 5 @ 5

5at5forMomsHasn’t this been a year? Yeah, you could say that again! It has been a year for moms like none other. As a mother and grandmother, I have seen the weariness on their faces, heard it in their voices, and frustration in their comments. My hat is off to moms who have tried to adapt to this Coronavirus pandemic and what it’s done to their family life and especially their children. And if you’re a working mom having to work from home, well, you’re a saint in my book. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has had to adapt and yes, make sacrifices, to keep peace in the home, hot meals on the table, clean sheets on the bed, and be a dr/nurse/playmate/teacher/cook –a what’s ever needed to their children.

My youngest turned 39 yesterday, so I’m way past most of you ladies now that I’m almost 70. As the oldest girl of 9 children, I had the benefit/blessing of being raised by a mom who knew how to organize and “line us up” to get things done. I’ll never forget her wisdom when I had my first child: “Mary, be prepared for the witching hour ’cause it will happen every night when you’re out of energy and done for the day. You’ll need to get a second wind.” All moms know what I mean–that fussy period in babies that starts about 5 o’clock when it’s time to get dinner on and yes, it lasts through dinner, through dishes, and through homework if you have older children.

Let’s Give Them a Hand & a Prayer

Sunday I did sheets and towels for one of my daughter-in-laws and yesterday, I dropped off some Costco frozen meals for a single mom of 4. Yes, I have the energy and time to do practical things. BUT, I believe the most significant thing I can do is the commitment I made yesterday to pray for moms and children at 5PM for 5 minutes. I’ve set my phone alarm to remind me. I’d like to put a challenge “out there” to any who read this. They need us now more than ever, especially with the school year beginning.

Nana’s Nudge:  Set your phone alarm for 5PM and pray 5 minutes for moms, children, and teachers.
Nana’s Songs:  Joy  |  All Things Possible  |  God Bless All the Little Children
Nana’s Prayer: Father, thank You for blessing us with our children. We look to You to watch over our families. Strengthen mothers, bring Your peace into our homes, calm our fears so that we can be confident for our children. Holy Spirit, we ask for Your fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control to increase in our lives. May there be a special grace given to mothers of special needs children. Amen.

It’s Okay to be YOU!

I’ve always loved music and enjoy singing along. In fact, in 1956 my mother received a call from my kindergarten teacher. With great anxiety my mother listened to Mrs. Clevenger: “Mrs. Best? In all my years as a teacher, I have never had a child like yours.” Mother (gasping) replies with, “What has she done?” The reply, ” Oh, no, Mrs. Best! I’ve never had a child with perfect pitch. She’s a wonder.” Whew, what a relief!

Fast forward to 1982…. I’m a mother of three sons aged 4, 3, and 9 mo. We’re on our way to Ryan’s preschool. The music is playing, I’m singing along, and I hear Ryan’s sweet voice, “Oh, Mommy, please don’t sing!” What?! So I stop singing. Next time we’re in the car, the music is playing, and I’m singing along. Again, “Oh, Mommy, please don’t sing!” So I stopped and began to whistle. From that day forward, I stopped singing when the children were in the car. But you can bet I whistled!

Here’s my point. When you have joy inside and it’s gotta get out, let it out. Sometimes there’s a scream too. I will NEVER forget my mother giving me this advice on raising three sons [forgive me if I offend you, but Mother was every bit a lady], “Sometimes, Mary, you just have to go outside and yell SH_T.” She was right. It helped a lot. 🙂

Everyone has a “song” in their heart. Whatever that unique life song is, sing it with gusto. There’s never going to be a sweeter sound than honesty — to yourself and to others around you. Who knows…maybe your song will be music to their ears.

Nana’s Nudge: Don’t suppress yourself to please others. You might go into hiding and you’ll never fully express the real you.
Nana’s Songs: Life Song |  I’ve Gotta Be Me | Sing Along | Sing A Song | Happy
Nana’s Prayer: Father, You’ve placed a unique song in each of us that is music to Your ears. Help us to sing it true and loud enough for the world around us to hear it. And Lord, help us to hear the joyful song You sing over us. (Zeph 3:17)

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