What The World Needs Now

I had an unusual experience. I was thinking about the word “Compassion” and I immediately saw it split into two words: “Come Passion”. It seemed so perfect to express what is truly needed when I think about my brothers and sisters-at-large who are suffering. It’s easy to say a kind word or promise to “keep them in my thoughts and prayers”. What a tired saying that is! I asked myself:

Do I really “think” about them?
Do I really  “pray” for them?
BIG Question: What do I really “do” for them?

This year I am determined to put hands and feet to my thoughts and prayers. How about you? We won’t change the world by standing still.

Nana’s Nudge: Look around you this week. Who needs a little more of you?
Nana’s Songs:  What The World Needs Now  |  Do Something  |  Build My Life  | Brother  |  Speak Life
Nana’s Prayer: Father, open my ears to hear others’ cry, open my eyes to see others’ needs, open my mouth to speak words of encouragement, open my heart to provide what I can when I can. Help me to love them as You do.

Author: Mary Best Puplava

I am a woman, a sister, a wife, a mother of 3 sons, a Nana to 6, a friend to many and a kindred spirit to a few. But most importantly of all, I am the beloved child of a Gracious God.

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