Have I Told You Lately…

Unless you’re a hermit and live in a cave, every day we have an opportunity to bring delight into someone’s live. Be a smile starter. Don’t wait for someone else to speak first. Wave to the postman, thank the teller and wish her a good day, speak to the stock-boy, ask the receptionist how her day is going, stoop down to the toddler and admire his Captain America t-shirt, look up to his mom and compliment her on his behavior. Spread joy wherever you go. You just might be the brightest part of their day.

And when it comes to the ones you love most, don’t ever let an opportunity pass you by without saying those 3 little words, “I love you.”

Nana’s Nudge: Write an encouraging letter to someone today.
Nana’s Song: “Three Little Words I Love You” and “A Tisket A Tasket


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